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About ProPrat

Tomas Lannestedt

We are a software company that develop and marketing software's for reliable communication. We develop products that has a natural and self explaining function. Products that makes it easier and safer to communicate.
  We focusing on usability. Our products must be easy to use in a natural way. If products requires advanced technology we try to embed the technology in a natural way for the user. The user then have a product that he or she understands.

  The ideas to our products comes out of every day work. Before we develop a product the idea is thoroughly work through. To start developing the following questions must be answered with a "Yes":
  - Will the product idea solve a problem?
  - Do the problem needs to be solved in a technical way?
  - Will the product makes it easier for people to communicate?
This work are driven in a prestudy form by TeamProPrat. The ideas then gets evaluated by economics aspects before decision is made to start a product developing project.


..:: TeamProPrat ::..
What is TeamProPrat?

TeamProPrat is a group of individual that in versus ways contribute in evaluation of product ideas. Members of TeamProPrat are users, Alpha & Beta test people and a reference group. The work in TeamProPrat are not organized, nor on regular basis. During some periods a lot of work are done, other times there is no activity at all. TeamProPrat is a creative forum and as with all creativity, it can not be ordered.

Members in TeamProPrat are voluntarily and primary using e-mail to communicate. A small group meet regularly, primary due to that all of that group lives in Stockholm and are friends since way back.



..:: More about ProPrat ::..
Borland Delphi specialist

ProPrat has long experience from developing software using Borland (now Embarcadero) Delphi since 1995. ProPrat has been developing products using tools from Borland since late 80s.
We do not work on database solutions. Products and developing project has always been centered around peoples need to communicate.
Earlier products have been automated radio program production systems. Both hardware and software tools.

Web Video Conference

ProPrat has long experience from developing and maintain web based video conferences. Most developing have been made on the client side against well known web video servers.

In addition to that community and services around that have been hosted, all with web video conferences included.


..:: History and owner ::..
Company ownership

Privately owned.


IT, Media and Communication.


Started 1991.

Prior 1991

During the 80s most of the products was analogue hardware for broadcast radio.

/Tomas Lannestedt



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New LANeye version


New LANeye version


New LANeye version


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