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 Jun 19 - 2007  New LANeye version 2.3 for Microsoft Windows Vista.

ProPrat has released v 2.3 of LANeye, a PC software that detects and prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your network. LANeye 2.3 Network Intrusion Detection System detects if your neighbors using your wireless network or if your business employees connects rogue devices to your network. LANeye 2.3 detects and prevent both connection to wireless networks and wired networks. LANeye 2.3 also detects Hijacking attempts, where an unwanted computer tries to connect to your network by mimic a familiar computer on the network. LANeye 2.3 even detects when a familiar computer been on another network and therefore may be not free from malicious code, and prevent the familiar computer from connect to your network. When LANeye detect an intrusion, LANeye sends out network denial signals to the intruding computer that prevent the unwanted computer from gaining access to your network. LANeye 2.3 comes in two (2) variants, LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition for home and small business networks and LANeye 2.3 Professional Edition for large networks with advanced clients like VPN, SAN and Virtual machines. LANeye is a Swedish software product from ProPrat and was first introduced in 2003. LANeye 2.3 cost from $61USD and is available from ProPrat at

More information about LANeye will be found at:

- Product Information: LANeye 2.3
- Support site:
- Company web site:



Apr 18 -2006  The new LANeye 2.0 prevents intrusion in your network.

ProPrat has released version 2.0 of LANeye Network Intrusion Detection. New in this version is a function that can block intruding computers. LANeye will prevent unknown computers from gaining access to the network. Three different intrusion aspects are detected, Unknown devices, MAC-address Hijacking and other suspisious connection attemps. LANeye also detects if laptop computer have been used on a different network, on a business trip, at home.., and will therefore be prevented from connecting to the network when returned. By this potential infected computers will be placed in guarantee and the IT-department gives a chance to inspect the computer before it allows connecting to the local network.

LANeye 2.0 comes in two variants. One called LANeye 2.0 Small Network Edition and are aimed for home and small company networks with maximum ten (10) computers. The second variant is called LANeye 2.0 Professional Edition and are ment for larger network with advanced clients like VPA, SAN and computers running virtual machines. LANeye is a Swedish software product and 30 days trial version are available for download from

ProPrat - Apr 18 -2006


Short technical description of LANeye

LANeye is not a firewall. LANeye monitors and analysis the network traffic that occur when computers connects to the network. If the connecting computers are unknown or behaves suspiciously when connecting, LANeye will block that computer by sending denial network packets to the intruding computer. The intruding computer will then be unable to acquire a work network connection. LANeye can run on any computer on the network.


..:: How LANeye was borne. ::..

The idea behind LANeye comes from when I discovered intrusion on my private home network.

One day when I got home from work the communication lamp on my wireless router was blinking. That was strange since none of my computers where running. To understand what was going on I started up one of my computer that I know I had a network sniffer installed on.
After a few seconds it was pretty obvious what was going on. Someone in range of my wireless LAN had cracked my encryption key (only 40bits at that time) and this someone now was trying passwords to my Internet access login. So what did I do. I pulled the plug to my wireless router.

/ Tomas Lannestedt  - 2001


..:: Press contact ::..

Contact person: Tomas Lannestedt





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New LANeye version


New LANeye version


New LANeye version


New LANeye version


New LANeye beta-version for Windows 7.


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