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LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition
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LANeye 2.3

Small Network Edition

Network Intrusion detection for home and small business networks.

Find out if someone is using your network!
  • Reveal uninvited computers on your wireless network.

  • Uncover unwanted network devices.

Keep your network to your self!
  • Put a stop to neighbors that hook up to your wireless network, steal your bandwidth, reads your shared files or use your network for illegal activities.

  • Defend your network from unwanted computers.

  • Block unfamiliar computers from connecting to your network.

  • Requires no server, runs on any network connected computer.

  • For  Windows 7, Vista,  XP  or  Windows 2000.

Intrusion surveillance in networks.

  With LANeye you will quickly detect and see all devices that are communicating on your network. LANeye monitors the network traffic. LANeye will detect if a new unknown computer tries to connect to the network. LANeye will alert you and deny the connecting computer access to the network. You decide if you want to approve the computer on your network.

  LANeye will reveal all computers, printers, wireless access points, servers, firewalls, yes all devices that are communicating on the network. All presented to you graphically, neat and simple in a tree and list view


Who is using your network?

  With a wireless access point in your network you have provided the near surrounding with a potential connection to your network.
  LANeye will detect all devices that connects to the network regardless of the connection is made by wire or wireless. WLAN have built in encryption techniques and MAC-address filtering. These functions shall be used to protect your network against intrusion. But when someone finds a weakness in these protections or manage to brake your encryption keys, LANeye will immediately detect that and prevent the intruding device from gaining access to your network.

LANeye and Firewalls.

  LANeye is not a firewall. LANeye is a surveillance system that focusing on monitoring devices connecting attempts to your network. If an unauthorized computer tries to connect to your network LANeye will interfere in the logon procedure and will send deny packets to the connecting computer prevent it from become part of your network.
  You shall use firewalls to protect your network. LANeye will help you monitor that the firewall works.
LANeye is you guardian watch dog in your network.

LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition.

  LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition have been optimized for home networks and small business networks. LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition are recomended for networks with less than ten (10) computers. The limit on 25 devices shall be considered as a safty margin. Laptop computers usualy have multiple network adapters and therefore takes up more than one slot and there needs to be room for other devices like routers and printers.
  LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition have all the surveillance functions that Professional Edition have but do no support for excluding filtering. If your network have functions like SAN, VPN or Virtual machines, Professional Edition must be used.
  Read more about the different LANeye variants in the product datasheet and in the product variant matrix.

  LANeye 2.3 Product Info

  LANeye 2.3 Product Variant Matrix

  LANeye 2.3 Screen shots

  Read what users say about LANeye

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Install and use LANeye

  You can run LANeye on any computer on the network that runs Microsoft Windows operating system. LANeye is easy to install.
  After installation LANeye starts a wizard that helps you setup LANeye to work in your network. Since LANeye have to monitor your network traffic the computer LANeye installs on have to have a working network connection. LANeye work with most network adapters including PC-card, SD-card, USB-WiFi adapters.

You shall only use LANeye on your own private network!
Separate your network from your internet connection with a router!


..:: INFORMATION  LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition ::..

Intrusion detection:  Unknown & hijacked MAC-addresses
Intrusion prevention:
  IP-address and NetBIOS/CIFS.
  On local screen, sound and email.
Logging:  Incident log and system log
Device information:  Vendor, Network name, OS, last seened, ...
Traffic view:  Addresses, Protocols, Traffic amount, Time...
Traffic filter:  Multicast, Local-administrated.
Meters:  CPU load, LAN-adapter load.
System:  Works in the background, Autostart.

 Price:  $59 USD  (Evaluate the program for free before you buy)
 OS:  Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
 File:  2.6MB  (Version / May 30 -2015)


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New LANeye version


New LANeye version


New LANeye version


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