I'm Tomas

and I do electronics and software in my company ProPrat. My passion is products and inventions. I have been doing product development and harvest patent ideas for more than 30 years.

Let me help you with your inventions!

Tomas Lannestedt

ProPrat Logo

From over 20years as a software company ProPrat have over the past years going back to Audio and Hardware electronic design, where it all started from the beginning.

Random Name

PCB Design

I do PCB design and prototyp series

Random Name

Tube Amplifiers

I do special tube amplifier designs

LANeye Software

LANeye Software

LANeye Network Intrusion Detection Software


Need help with your Invention?

Feel free to contact me with your Invention ideas and I help you make Intelectual Properties out of them.
I help you and your organisation do IP Harvesting and IP Scrubs

Recreation with model trains

building large layout using modular track sections according to MMM standard.


Swedish RC - Calibration

Stockholm - Huddinge

Speed calibration test run.


Swedish T43 - Trafic game

Stockholm - Tyreso

Trafic game with schedules and cargo delivered, just as in real life.

Model Train Fair

Model Train Fair

Stockholm - Alvsjo

Public presentation of large layouts using modular train track sections.

Couldn't help my self develop a model train signal system according to Swedish Railroad standards and turned that into a product.


Primusgatan 50, 11267 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 517 7910